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Providing Hemp Industry Supply Chain Logistics, Lead Generation, Business Development and Distribution.

Since 2017 we have been involved in the resurgence of the hemp industry. The Founder and President of the company, Drew Kitt, first became involved in industrial hemp in 1995 as a manager for the Vermont Hemporium. 20 years later various States began researching hemp as an industrial crop. In 2018, Industrial Hemp was legalized under the US Farm Bill and we have been involved at the forefront providing seeds to farmers, B2B distribution and finished goods to consumers.

Contact Drew if you would like to learn more about the products and services listed below, we love connecting good people doing good things in the hemp industry!

Certified Ganjier

Creating an Entirely New Class of Cannabis Professional

In 2021 Drew completed the Ganjier certification program. The purpose of Ganjier is to be the voice for quality in the cannabis space. As a Master of Cannabis Service, the Ganjier will be educated in the history, science, botany, genetics, cultivation, processing, sales, and consumption of cannabis. 

Additionally, the Ganjier will be trained in assessing and grading cannabis flower and concentrate quality using Ganjier’s signature Systematic Assessment Protocol™. But most critically, the Ganjier will be a trusted and reliable guide for the cannabis consumer.

Cannabinoid, Fiber & Grain Hemp Genetics

In 2019 we teamed up with the International Hemp Exchange (iHEMPx) as a business development partner. The International Hemp Exchange is the leading resource for wholesale and industrial hemp.

iHEMPx serves every level of the hemp supply chain, from genetics, to seed and start distribution, to fiber processing and cannabinoid extraction, sourcing post processed fiber, hurd and grain, hemp farming resources, and the partnerships to connect everything in between.

CBD Retail Owner & Operator 

Since 2018 we have owned and operated a dispensary and have sourced the highest quality hemp flower and CBD products from both nationally recognized & local craft brands to provide you the best value.

Two Moons CBD & Wellness offers a wide variety of highly vetted CBD products. Categories include tinctures, oils, edibles, topicals, pet products, and several smokable options as well as several locally sourced herbal products.

Our goal is to source the highest quality products nationally at the best value. We stand behind our premium products and strive to help you in your CBD journey. We love our selection and know you will too!

Consumer Product Distribution

In 2020 we aligned with Earthy Now and currently represent their full catalog of products as a Brand Ambassador. Earthy Now is both a hemp collective and a family — they value human connections and operate a sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally conscience business.

Based in Asheville NC, Earthy Now distributes the cleanest and strongest CBD, CBN & CBG products in the industry.  They offer a wide range of branded retail products, including smokables, edibles, topicals as well as bulk material.

Hemp Fiber Processing & Distribution

Looking for a sustainable and versatile farming solution? Look no further! Whitefield Global Holdings is your one-stop shop for all things hemp.

From carefully selected seed genetics to in-season growing support, fiber processing to wholesale distribution - we've got it all covered. Plus, we're your go-to source for hemp crop insurance and extraction services!

Join us in paving the way for a greener, more eco-friendly future. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet. 🌍💚

Member of the Global Hemp Association 

In 2021 we joined the GHA as an advisor on their farming research committee for their fiber varietal farm trials. GHA is THE networker for hemp professionals. Our members are vetted and active, many with decades of experience in the hemp industry. Whatever your specialty, we can help you make the connections you need to grow.

When you join GHA, you get access to directories, hours of content, events, and so much more. You get to sit at the table as we discuss the future of hemp, breakthrough hemp uses, and new regulations.

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